More recently, web design has helped websites display what they want to portray in their look. A great design complements the information and can bring in different benefits for the company. 15 of the top benefits of web design include:

  • First Impression
  • Credibility
  • Eating With Our Eyes
  • Boost Revenue
  • Improve Search Rankings
  • Reduce Bounce Rates
  • Consistent Brand Identity
  • Saves Money
  • Future Website Functionality
  • Customer Service
  • Mobile Responsive Website
  • Trust With Audience
  • Partnerships
  • Designs Sell
  • Keep Up With Competitors

There are explanations for each benefit below, as well as reasons for how and why these methods work with any website.

First Impressions


First impressions are always important when meeting with someone or going to a place for the first time. This is the same for websites. First impressions have a great impact on the rest of the user’s experience with the website. They are important because they can draw people in and help them stay interested.

First impressions are not just in looks, but in the quality that the website design presents. From the presentation to the reading, you get a great idea of what the company is like and how they operate. The layout and appearance of the website helps people form an opinion. This is your chance to broadcast your purpose and importance to an audience, so it’s important to nail it! 

A good first impression creates an understanding between the speaker and the audience and helps them form a connection. The first impression is there to help customers decide if they should continue spending time on your page.



Credibility is a great way to build trust and give readers a reason to believe that the information is true. Credible information appeals to a discerning audience. A lot of people are good at spotting false or exaggerated information these days. We can tell when someone doesn’t know what they’re talking about, so credibility is important when you’re trying to attract an engaged audience. 

Credible evidence on what the website is about, gives the authors and creators a good reputation. Receiving information that is correct and helpful for your situation creates great trust between readers and the creators of the website. That trust makes it more common to work with this website and recommend it to other people who need help/information.

Eating With Our Eyes


Eating with our eyes is a common expression that designers, artists, and other visual thinkers use. It basically hammers home the importance of a good design. For example, we eat with our eyes when we look at food. If a dish looks great and good to eat, we expect it to taste great and delicious. If a dish looks like mud or dirt, we will expect it to taste not that great. Presentation is the first thing that people notice and it will help them decide whether or not they want to try our food (or content in this case).

The same goes for anything else in life. We check people out to see what kind of vibe they give off and whether or not we want to associate with them. Or we look at a place to live and see if it will fit our needs at first glance. When we eat with our eyes, it creates a connection in the brain, whether for good or bad. Connecting a visual experience to something that you identify as enjoyable, usually creates a more positive mindset going into a website.

When they’re looking for a website, most people expect it to be professional and informational. But if there is a bad or lazy design, this can make a customer click back from the page. On the other hand, a unique and visually appealing design can make you stand out from others and will make visitors want to stay. 

Boost Revenue

Websites can make money when people spend time on them, interact with ads, or buy your products. An attractive, credible website is far more likely to earn money than a poorly designed one. Drawing people into what the website is and what it represents creates good business for the company and can boost revenue. This is definitely something that every owner wants to see!

If your website attracts visitors, you can monetize ad space or make deals to reference products for other companies. Make sure you don’t overdo it though! If your page is cluttered with ads or stuffed with sponsorship links, people will feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

A natural website that’s full of good content will be able to earn more money over time than a blatant product placement or ad page. When someone likes something, they are more likely to recommend it to a friend, family member, or co-worker as well, so you may be able to attract word-of-mouth recommendations that will help your credibility spread.

Improve Search Rankings


Search rankings on a website come from search engine optimization (SEO). The use of SEO creates greater opportunities for the site to be searched found by more people. Web design that is catered to SEO standards will be able to rise to the top rankings. 

For example, if a website has a poor rating from its customers and the design is not up to date, this makes the SEO algorithm put that website on a lower ranking. This lower ranking is because the requirements were not fulfilled for the algorithm to put it further up on the search results. People rarely click beyond the first page to answer their questions, so a good SEO ranking can be a major benefit.

A good website design creates the correct protocols when dealing with SEO standards. Achieving all the protocols correctly gives the system for search engines the proper tools to see what rank is best suited for the content. You’ll have many chances for your website link to appear on the first page of Google. Web design companies will be able to optimize your site fully, but there are lots of built-in features that will help your content rank as well. 

Reduce Bounce Rates


A good website design can reduce bounce rates. Bounce rates are things that always have to be taken into consideration when creating a website. Many companies want their audience and customers to keep coming back to the site and be willing to explore it.

When a customer leaves after seeing the home page, that is called a bounce. To prevent that from happening, you have to communicate value on your site immediately. There must be interesting features and qualities on the site that will make people stick around for a bit longer. People are interested in what a website and company have to say. If done well, it creates a place for their customers to visit often for information or products.

If you have low bounce rates, you will also be able to improve your SEO ranking because Google will be able to see that people stay on your website. 

Consistent Brand Identity

Brand identity is extremely important in the modern-day because it helps many people identify what they are looking for on and off the internet. A brand can include the quality put into products, the logo, the font, layouts, styles, and the color of choice. Keeping a consistent identity creates trust between the people that come back and keep buying.

For example, when you see the checkmark swoosh, you think of Nike. Nike has a popular brand that appeals to certain people. You can also identify the Nike company for the neon orange, black, and white colors that they usually feature. These colors and logos give the business a clear identity. If a company were to change its brand constantly, it would become more difficult to identify what the company stands for.

Keeping a recognizable brand across your social media is also helpful. People will be able to recognize your website and brand if they see it in multiple places. You will be able to build a rapport more easily this way. 

Saves Money


Many people in the world are finding ways to save money. Business owners can use websites to make money, but they can also cut down on costs. When you save money in certain departments of a company, you’re free to put the extra money towards the employees or other uses.

If you start with a well-done and professional web design at the beginning, you’ll be able to avoid the cost of constantly redesigning, updating, and outsourcing that works. You’ll also make it easier for customers to make online purchases and can save money on a physical storefront if you work online. 

Future Website Functionality


When you’re dealing with a website design, there are times when you would like to add or change things on the website. This can be done with the help of having a professionally created web design. These can either be created by web designers, or by people who follow along with world-class templates. Professional web designs are easier to navigate and understand.

Once you have a good base, it’s easier to add more information and functionalities to it. When you have a good website you can add new features without messing up the base. This will help you stay relevant in the online world and will continue to attract customers. Set yourself up for success now and in the future with a professional website. 

Customer Service

A web design gives people insight into how the company will treat its audience and customers. If the design is poorly done and not inviting, the customers know that you did not put effort into helping them. A design that is well done, inviting, and modern creates that feeling that customers want from the company owners. This inviting feeling creates a great way to tell the customers and audience that you care about them and have what they need for their current situation.

Customer service is something that all companies and websites must address. This helps to keep the audience and customers engaged with what they are doing. If the customer service has great reviews, it can lead to more customers coming to the site and creating a better ranking compared to competitors.

Customer service lets you connect with your audience and hear their thoughts and experiences. This feedback will help you define your strengths and fix your weaknesses. It might seem difficult, but it can become a major benefit in the end. 

Mobile Responsive Website


With the technology always improving, search engines like Google continue to demand that your website is mobile-responsive. Being a mobile responsive website just means that your content must be easy to navigate and view from mobile devices. Almost every adult has a smartphone and they will often use it to search questions and browse websites and shops.

Mobile responsive websites are major benefits to any online business, especially if they provide a shop. You’ll be able to land way more sales and keep your customers happy. If a website is not mobile responsive, it makes it harder for people to find and interact with, which could result in a lost customer. 

Build Trust With Audience


Trust is something that most people seek when they’re online. When a website earns the trust of the audience, this opens up multiple benefits for the website and company. Most of the time trust is based on first impressions, good communication, and reliable service. If the design is not updated or it seems poorly designed, this tends to lead people away from exploring further. This is because it comes off as a shady or outdated site that can’t offer them anything worthwhile.

Building trust with the audience gives the website more opportunities to draw them in and become regular customers. The feeling of comfort and familiarity creates a way to bring people back and help them stay longer. A core audience base is invaluable, and they will stick with you throughout changes and updates. 


Website design does not have to be a one-and-done deal. It can actually help you build relationships with other companies and creators! Many web design teams are willing to create partnerships with the company that hires them. If the website for the company has positive effects on revenue and bounce rating, that makes them more inclined to stay with those teams and partnerships. 

Partnerships have to ability to improve a company with help of others. If a company needs another website made for them, they are likely to go back to the design team that helped them have a successful website previously. If something is wrong with the design and you’ve worked together in the past, they will be more willing to work with you to find the ideal solution. You may even be able to hire designers or freelance creators to work for you once you’ve created a connection. 

Designs Sell


Most people starting with their first website do not think that their web designs are worth anything, but there are numbers that tell a different story. There are multiple companies that use unique designs to separate themselves from the rest of the competitors that are selling the same thing. A website needs to be unique for people to be drawn in and come to your site instead of someone else’s.

The design has the ability to affect the look and presentation, but also improve sales, profits, and growth. A unique design can be a fun and appropriate way to convey your brand’s message. Most of the time, customers are also looking at your competitors to see who has a better standing.

In order to get your design to help you improve your sales and growth, you need to avoid & fix bad website design. Go through this list I’ve compiled of the 20 common examples of bad website design and how to fix them to get yourself started.

Keep Up With Competitors


Competition is one of the many struggles many companies and websites have to go through to keep their audience with them. Competition may come in the quality of a product or a design on a website. Competitors are using web designs to stay with their audience and to bring others in as well. If you want your website to stay in the game, you need to be willing to update it to adapt to the times. 

A modern design will help you establish yourself as a trustworthy and intelligent person in your niche. You’ll also be able to keep competitors at bay when you continue to push yourself to the top of the results.